AP Seminar for Career Technical Education

AP Seminar is a year-long preparatory course, serving as the prerequisite to AP Research. *The content of the course is flexible, often taking a multidisciplinary, cross-curricular approach, designed to showcase for students the overlapping and interdependent nature of their educations. Over the course of the major thematic study, students will be guided through the QUEST method of research: Question and explore, Understand and analyze, Evaluate multiple perspectives, Synthesize ideas, Team/transform/transmit. Students will be given a variety of lenses through which to examine the central theme, including (but not limited to):

We created a free Canvas AP Seminar course you can use, export, or adopt as you like. Since Canvas has a login, please email your name and email address to:


and we will set up your account and email instructions to you.

Additionally, we are currently adding an archive of file examples from the course for your review in the AP Seminar Content Archive section.


*while College Board does allow for AP Seminar to be taken as a stand-alone course, it is strongly encouraged that students commit to the whole program in order to achieve the destinations given above.