In Module 2, students will begin working with literature sources and focus on identifying major claims and supporting evidence. They will also learn basic forms of argumentative logic.

Module 2 Introduction

Provides suggested time, content, assessments, and essential questions to be used in Module 2.

Module 2.1 Identifying Course Skills: Argument Analysis

Brief description of the teacher’s objective in Module 2.

Module 2.1 Quiz: Identifying Argument Parts

A quiz where students will practice identifying important aspects of argumentation.

Module 2.2 Complex Arguments and Argument Mapping

Instructions on introducing students to skills needed for argument identification and creating argument maps.

Module 2.2 Discussion Questions and Reflections

Instructions for the activity where students will develop questions for discussion and informal reflections on their questions.

Module 2 Final Assessment

A quiz that mimics the Part A section of the AP Exam, questions 1 and 2.