In Module 6 students will continue to build on skills learned in previous modules and will be introduced to the formal argumentation needed for both Task 2 and Part B of the final exam. They will also be introduced to various argument structures to help them produce guided argument outlines. Each document below is available to download as a Word document or as a PDF.

Module 6 Introduction

This document provides suggested time, content, assessments, and essential questions to be used in Module 6 so that you can gauge how to organize class sessions with your students.

Module 6.1 Introduction to Argument Structure

Instructions on how you can use suggested source materials and how to guide students through different argument structures.

This PowerPoint presentation explains the College Board’s Task 2 Individual Written Argument and how to construct an argument and select & organize evidence. It also defines the structure of different argument methods and examples of each.

Module 6.1 Resources

These are the resources you will need for Module 6.1. Included are the text selections, a link for a TED talk, templates for the three argument structures, and the grading rubric for the final assessment.

Module 6.1 Discussion Questions and Reflections

This document provides instructions for an activity where students will develop questions for discussion and informal reflections.

Module 6 Final Assessment

In this document, you will find instructions on how to set up the timed activity that will serve as the final assessment for Module 6.