Module 5 will engage students in research collaboration. They will establish group norms and develop a collaborative inquiry question. They will then continue to investigate their lens and perspectives on an individual level.

Module 5 Introduction

Provides suggested time, content, assessments, and essential questions to be used in Module 5.

Module 5.1 Engaging Stimulus Materials

Instructions on skills students will develop and strengthen in Module 5.

Module 5.1 Discussion Questions and Reflections

An assignment where students will develop questions for discussion and informal reflections.

Module 5.2 Goal Setting and Expectations in Collaborative Research

Instructions on forming research groups and setting goals for group research.

Resource for setting group norms and expectations.

Module 5.3 Group Collaborative Research

Instructions on how to set up group collaborative research activity.

Module 5.3 Mind Mapping

Instructions for group mind mapping activity.

Module 5 Final Assessment Step 1

Assignment for creating hypothetical formal proposals and research plans.

Module 5 Final Assessment Step 2

Assignment for developing an individual research report.

Module 5 Final Assessment Step 3

Assignment for informal response reflections.