Module 4 is meant to simulate the stimulus material process of the AP Seminar formal tasks. In this module, students will begin to take ownership of the narrative process of building deeper connections between selected sources.

Module 4 Introduction

Provides suggested time, content, assessments, and essential questions to be used in Module 4.

Module 4.1 Identifying Broad Themes Across Source Variety

Brief description of the teacher’s objective in Module 4.

Module 4.1 Discussion Questions and Reflections

An assignment where students will develop questions for discussion and informal reflections.

Suggestions for text selections to use in Module 4.1.

Module 4.2 Asking and Evaluating Relevant and Focused Research Questions

Instructions on an assignment where students will apply RAVEN as a technique for source evaluation.

This PowerPoint presentation explains how to turn a broad topic into a narrow and focused research question taking into consideration scope, delimitation, lenses, perspectives and stakeholders.

Module 4.2 Final Assessment: Research Proposal and Planning

Assignment where students create hypothetical formal proposals and research plans.

Module 4.2 Final Assessment: Rubric

Rubric for grading Module 4.2 Final Assessment.