In Module 3, the focus will be on evaluating the strength and effectiveness of evidence and the credibility and authority of source citations. Students will learn how to evaluate different types of texts.

Module 3 Introduction

Provides suggested time, content, assessments, and essential questions to be used in Module 3.

Module 3.1 Argumentation in Context: Evaluating the Message

Brief description of the teacher’s objective in Module 3 and additional texts that can be used.

Suggested text selections to be used in Module 3.1.

Module 3.1 Discussion Questions and Reflections

An assignment where students will develop questions for discussion and for their informal reflections.

Module 3.1 Practice: Student-led Article Evaluation, Using RAVEN

This PowerPoint presentation outlines the steps to evaluate an argument and how to use the RAVEN method to evaluate the message and avoid bias.

Instructions on an assignment where students will apply RAVEN as a technique for source evaluation.

Module 3.2 OPTIC: Art as Argument

Instructions on how to introduce students to the OPTIC technique for analyzing the argument of artistic media and a suggested text selection to use.

This PowerPoint presentation explains how to use the Toulmin model for argumentation and defines the OPTIC method for argument analysis using both literary and audio examples.

Module 3.2 Assignment: OPTIC Argument Analysis of Rivera’s “The Arsenal”

A quiz that mimics the Part A section of the AP Exam addressing all three questions for argument analysis and evaluation.

Module 3.3 Apply Skills: Basic Research, Source Selection, and ‘Purposeful Use’

Instructions on how to help students apply the research and evaluation skills they have acquired thus far.

Module 3 Final Assessment: Annotated Bibliographies, with Source Rationales

Instructions on assessment where students will participate in a collective discussion and individually create an annotated bibliography of their sources.